Finding a new career is stressful.  It is stressful for both the career seeker and the company looking to hire.

For the career seeker, especially for someone that has been at a job for a while, changing jobs involves a new boss, new colleagues, and new responsibilities.  The career seeker worries about making a good first impression, from the initial interview through new hire orientation.

For the company, finding a new employee involves cost, making sure the right decision has been made, ensuring the person they hire will stay at the job and a whole host of “what if’s?”

W Talent Group is a recruitment firm that understands the concerns of both sides.

We interview each candidate thoroughly.  We don’t just ask technical questions, we go beyond that to truly find what a career seeker is looking for long term.  Knowing this is key to a happy and rewarding career, not just a job.  Our career seekers come to us with referrals of their friends and family and a new formed relationships occur.

Companies come to W Talent Group seeking exceptional, well qualified career seekers eager to work for their firm.  Just like the career seekers themselves, companies utilize W Talent Group to find long term employees who value working for them.  They gain employees that understand the culture of their firm.  W Talent Group meets with hiring managers and HR to gain detail on the exact profile of what they want in a future employee.  After building up long term relationships with clients , they refer people in their professional network to W Talent Group.

W Talent Group works with both career seekers and clients that will produce long term success.  Give us a call and see what a difference we can make in your professional life!