W Talent Group Testimonials

“Matthew is a fantastic recruiter. On my own I was searching for jobs for months trying to find a good match. When I came in contact with Matthew, he was able to find a good match for me within days! Matthew took the time to get to know me and always kept me up to date. He is definitely the best recruiter I have come in contact with.” – Samantha K.

“Matthew is a charismatic and thoughtful leader in placing people in great career opportunities. Having worked with Matt since starting his own business we’ve shared mutual connections, and he’s helped place colleagues of mine in various positions within the business management industry. It’s always a pleasure when speaking with Matt, whether it be candidly or about my own needs within my career. Matt has been there to help share his insight, guidance, and expertise. Finding a recruiter that you can lean on when the time is right is what every professional needs. Matt can help bridge a transition upwards within your industry, or provide a strong recommendation in getting you into a new career path. I strongly recommend Matthew Wallack to all of my industry professionals, even if they aren’t looking he’s still someone everyone should get to know.” – Ben G.

“Matthew is a fantastic recruiter. His guidance on interviewing was invaluable during the interview process. He was also hyper responsive and very accessible from the beginning to the end of the recruiting process. Thanks to him I was able to land my dream position!” – Ryan A.

“Matt is amazing! Full stop. I just moved to New York and had no idea which firms would be a good fit or were good job opportunities. Matt took the time to get to know me, helped me with my resume and interview technique, and sent me out to meet with top firms. All this work ended with me accepting a position at an amazing firm with a great salary! He followed up after every interview, asked which firms I liked and was interested in and fought for me to get in the door. Also, the time it took Matt to reach out, meet with him, go to interviews, and accept a job, was only a week. He literally got me a job that was perfect for me in a week. I couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise and hard work. I am writing this now in my first week at a new job as a new New Yorker, and it couldn’t have happened without Matt. To anyone reading this, please trust him, work with him; he has been such a great asset to my work life. Thank you Matt for helping me out, and to anyone looking for someone to be in your corner, reach out to Matt because he’s made my life a whole lot easier. Thanks again Matt and I appreciate everything you’ve done!” – Sam A.

“Matt is a complete professional. He is thorough, honest and operates with the utmost integrity. He can open doors with many different companies because they trust him. I worked with Matt on a job placement and every step of the way I was impressed with his thoroughness, recommendations as to how to handle interviews, knowledge of his clients. I whole heartedly recommend Matt as a placement specialist in the tax and accounting areas. “- Doug H.

“Matt helped me find a new position this past winter. Within a day of sending him my resume, he had two interviews lined up for me. They were both with great companies and Matt was very helpful throughout the interview process with both. I’ve been at my new role for almost two months and couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend Matt to help you with your job search as he makes the process easy, worry free and successful!” – Jessica S.

“Matthew was a tremendous help with my quest of job searching! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with him; he was always going above and beyond helping me find the right fit and always keeping in contact. It is because of his help, I’ve found an amazing job. I would highly recommend contacting Matthew in job searching!” – Jessica K.

“I feel very fortunate to work with Matt – not only is he an outstanding recruiter but he is also an outstanding “connector.” I am very appreciative of Matt’s generosity and invitations to join him in both formal and informal networking opportunities. He has an impressive list of contacts throughout the business community. I enjoy how he continually encourages new connections, and opens doors & opportunities for others. An awesome connector and even better person – highly recommend connecting with him!!” – Jesse M.